My Summer Setlist

As we are in the midst of summer I feel like I now have my ultimate summer playlist about as good as I’ll get it.Now I know that everybody’s music taste is different. Everybody is allowed an opinion so I’m going to share mine. Below are the 20 top hits I’ll be jamming away to in the upcoming weeks. So in no particular order, we have: 

20. Most Girls, Hailee Steinfeld

Who wouldn’t love to add a little bit of girl power into their summer?! 

19. Barcelona, Ed Sheeran

How could I write this list without mentioning the KING?! Ed won my heart over years ago when I listened to Let It Out and since then I’ve only fallen deeper and deeper. 

18. Mama, Jonas Blue

Don’t wanna wake up one day wishing that we’d done more. I wanna live fast and never look back, that’s what we here for. Don’t wanna wake up one day wondering “where’d it all go?” ‘Cause we’ll be home before we know…. This YOLO attitude is definitely something I need more of in my summer. 

17. 2U, David Guetta ft Justin Bieber

Something about this beat just gets me buzzed. Maybe it’s my undying love for JB? 

16. No Promises, Demi Lovato

Demi is queen. Enough said really. 

15. The Heat (I Wanna Dance With Somebody), Ralph Felix, SDJM

This take on a classic brings it to the ears of a whole new generation of people. Brilliant. 

14. Stay (with Alessia Cara), Zedd

13. Let Me Love You, DJ Snake & Justin Bieber

2nd appearance of JB on this list. But if you listen to the song can you really blame me?!

12. Lot to Learn, Luke Christopher

Like Christopher is kiiiiiiilling it with this one. So many rhyming words- I didn’t think it was possible. 

11. I’m the One, DJ Khaled ft Justin Bieber

Oopsie, is 3 times too much? DJ Khaled truly makes his stamp on this one with a whole other bunch of talented people too. I would list them all but even WordPress has a maximum word limit (I think…)

10. Just Hold On, Steve Aoki ft Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson performing this just a few days after his mums passing (Rest In Peace Johanna) gave me such an emotional connection to the song. Now it’s one I’ll never get sick of listening to. 

9. Solo Dance, Martin Jensen

8. Closer, The Chainsmokers


7. Perfect Strangers, Jonas Blue

6. I Want Crazy, Hunter Hayes

I remember hearing this one years ago when I was a young’un and I must say it’s been a summer song for me ever since. 

5. Slow Hands, Niall Horan

Niall. Freaking. Horan. Need I say any more?

4. Up In Here, 5 After Midnight

For any non-UK readers, 5 After Midnight were a 3-piece band that came 3rd on the UK X Factor 2016. Every week they killed it and I knew they were going to be good after their X Factor journey ended as well. Well… they have not dissapointed with this track. Not one bit. 

3. Attention, Charlie Puth

I still pray that this is about Bella Thorne. 

2. Strip That Down, Liam Payne & Quavo

Must admit I was very dissapointed when the video didn’t include Liam Payne giving some girl *cough* me * cough* a very seductive strip tease. 

1. There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back, Shawn Mendes

Shawny shawny shawny. The things his voice does to me. He makes me feel like a total cougar what with him being only 18. 4 years isn’t that big of an age gap right?




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