11 Years in the Making

For the last 11 years my family and I have gone to the same hotel in Okehampton, Devon. 11 years is a long time. To think that I was only 10 years old when I first ran through the corridors; racing to get to the Dance, Dance, Revolution machine first… It’s crazy! But now those days are nearly over. For starts, the DDR game broke so they removed it a few years back but the memories will always remain. But this year will be the last year that we go. Due to our circumstances changing we now dream of going abroad and seeing more of the world than our own home country. As I prepare myself for a week of lasts, I can’t help but think back about the years gone by.



It’s crazy to think that 8 years have passed since this photo. I still feel like the same 14 year old girl wearing that awful denim skirt (and fake ugg boots that I’ve so conveniently cropped haha!)


Hoorah! I swapped the denim skirt for denim shorts!



This was one of the last years that my Grandad was able to come with us. As he grew older he couldn’t manage the drive anymore. This photo will always be special to me for that reason. He loved being in Devon. The fresh air and the friendly people. It’s just a different way of life there.


Every year there is a disco on the Wednesday night. In 2014 we made it our personal mission to get everybody in the room up and on their feet. Nobody has fun just watching right? Within 30 minutes we’d managed it and everybody spent the whole night laughing and enjoying time spent with their families and newly made friends.


Last year was slightly different. We met a different crowd of people and it became less about ‘family fun’ and more about ‘how late can everyone stay up?’ and ‘who can drink more?’ That’s not saying we didn’t have our fun along the way. It took us a few attempts but we finally got that human pyramid down.

Honestly, I could post 1000 pictures from our Manor House adventures. I hope that this years is the best trip of them all. One last adventure, one final hurrah. In a few weeks I’ll have a follow up post for you with our latest adventure and hopefully you’ll come back to read that one as well..

Always with love,

L x


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